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Readers Respond: Creative Ways to Avoid Holiday Credit Card Debt

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During the holiday season, it's easier to get into credit card debt because you're more likely to spend. Share your tips on how to avoid holiday credit card debt and still share in gift giving with your family and friends. Share Your Tips

Make it, already

I have a good stash of craft supplies and as I decided what to make for whom, I was able to purchase those few craft items I still needed. List made, wrapping paper left from last year, about 9/10 are finished. Other non-homemade items have been purchased as I found them on sale, some even a year or more ago. Won't spend a dime more.


Stop living in a fantasy world. Christmas is about Jesus not presents as the retailers have duped people into believing. Presents do not make me happy, but being financially fit will. Stop living fo rhte moment, grow up and live within your means.
—Guest Destiny Brown

Paying off the bill

I'm using credit cards to buy gifts to keep better track of what I'm spending, but I plan to pay off the bill before Christmas.
—Guest Elle

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Creative Ways to Avoid Holiday Credit Card Debt

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