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Pay Off Your Debt


Getting out of debt isn't nearly as easy as getting in. Understanding your options for paying off your debt will help you stay in control of your debt rather than letting it control you. You can get out debt, the key is figuring out which strategy works best for you.
  1. How's Your Debt?
  2. Stop Adding New Debt
  3. Make a Debt Plan
  4. Get Out of Debt
  1. Dealing With Debt Collectors
  2. Debt Help Companies
  3. Filing Bankruptcy

How's Your Debt?

How do you know if you have too much debt? Sometimes there are signs, like difficulty making debt payments. Other times it might not be so obvious. Part of managing your debt is knowing where you stand.

Stop Adding New Debt

Before you can pay off your old debt, you have to stop adding new debt. Resisting the temptation to add new debt isn't always easy. Eliminating the need and desire for debt will put you on the right track to stop your debt from increasing.

Make a Debt Plan

Getting out of debt is impossible without a plan. It helps to write your plan down - that way you won't forget it. Even a mental plan is better than no plan at all. Find out what goes into a successful get-out-of-debt plan.

Get Out of Debt

Debt isn't a black hole. There's a way in and there's a way out. The hard part is finding that way out. Once you've put together a solid plan, getting out of debt isn't as hard as it seems.

Dealing With Debt Collectors

Dealing with debt is painful enough. Having to deal with debt collectors is much worse. Fortunately, there are laws and tactics that can help you keep debt collectors from ruining your life.

Debt Help Companies

Where there's a problem, you can count on there being a business to solve that problem. Debt is no different. If you're interested in hiring a company to help you with your debt, make that company will help and not hurt you.

Filing Bankruptcy

When you have more debt than you can afford to repay, bankruptcy is a viable solution. Bankruptcy isn’t for everyone and it has long-lasting – sometimes lifetime – consequences for those who choose to file. Get the facts about bankruptcy before making a decision.

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