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Why Is My Old Address On My Credit Report?


Question: Why Is My Old Address On My Credit Report?
Answer: Your credit report will typically include any address that you received a bill, especially credit card and loan statements. The credit bureaus keep track of both your current and your previous addresses so when you relocate, the old address doesn't go away. Your credit report is simply updated to show that address is no longer current. Luckily, your address isn't a factor in your credit score so old addresses won't hurt your credit rating.

If an address where you never resided appears on your credit report or if your credit report shows that you resided at an address longer than you actually did, it could be a sign of credit card fraud or identity theft. Be sure to check the rest of your credit report for accounts that aren't yours. And, check your credit statements for unauthorized charges. Report cases of identity your creditors and the credit bureaus immediately.

If your credit report contains inaccurate addresses, e.g. places that you've never lived, you can use a credit report dispute to remove them.

don't try to remove old addresses simply because you no longer reside there. Some credit card, loan, and employment applications ask for your addresses for the previous two to three years and they may verify these addresses against your credit report.

You don't have to worry about giving the credit bureaus your current address. As long as your creditors and lenders have it, the credit bureau will eventually update your credit report to show your most recent address.

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