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Readers Respond: How to Get Your First Credit Card

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Getting your first credit card seems easy when you're filling out the application. But, in hindsight you may have some regrets. Where did you get your first credit card? Do you consider it a good credit card?

First Credit Card @ 31!

LOL, I know. Most people here got theirs in their teens. I spent most of my adult life in a foreign country, and I moved back to the states last year. So I was basically starting over again. I got mine from Capital One just recently. After holding a job for almost a year, and keeping up with my cellphone payments for 7 months, I was approved for 500. It is frustrating not to have credit, people look at you like somethings wrong with you, especially for someone my age. I was really disappointed when I was declined by Chase and Barclays, I thought I would have to wait YEARS before I could get one. I know Capital One isn't the best, but we all have to start somewhere, right? Finally, I can start working on building my credit.

Capital One

Got my first card from capital one at 19. It gave me a couple problems at first because their staff is horrible at answering questions but it's not a bad card. If you have better choices, go with them but if not, this cc is okay.
—Guest Katie

Capital One

I just turned 18 (2 months ago) and I immediatly wanted to start building my credit. I have a pretty good income for my age and didnt pay ne bills. I have been banking with all my banks for at least 4 yrs or more and always kept $$ in my accounts. Well I applied for the student cards at my banks and got turned down. But I did get approved for a secured card from Wells and Bank of America. I declined because I was determined to get an unsecured card. So I did some googling and came accross this forum and alot of people were talking about Capital One. At first I wasnt going to apply bc I was previously told by parents that C1 wasnt good. I went ahead and applied for the capital one classic platinum (supposedly fair credit is needed but all I have on my CR is sprint). I got approved right away. Even though the credit line is only $300 im ok with that bc thats all I need. I'm jst happy someone gave me a chance. I hate the fact that they pretty much throw us into a world where ur credit is pretty much everything but no one wants to give u a chance because u have none.
—Guest Bre'Auna

Best Buy!

My first credit card was at Best Buy for their in store card issued by HSBC. It had $4,600 limit on it. I used a co-signer so definitely take advantage of one if you can.
—Guest Gilbert

Citi Student Card

I applied at every major card company and department store you can think of! Before giving up, I applied at Citi for their student credit card, they approved me and gave me a $4,000 limit. This is my first credit card and I do not go overboard with my spending; I also make more than the minimum payments (at least $50). Hopefully, I will be able to buy a car without a co-signer.
—Guest Brittany

Capital One at Age 26

When I turned 18 I made a few bad decisions with signing for everything and ruined my credit. I worked hard to pay off what was on my credit report. However, when I wanted to rebuild my credit I applied for a credit card any and everywhere I could and NO ONE would chance it even my bank whom I have been with many years with no bad history with them. I couldn't get or sign for anything that provided credit. I got a credit card approval offer from Capital One and decided what the heck all they can say is denied (thinking they will deny me). I prayed about it considering I really wanted to establish my credit and I GOT IT!!! I was so surprised! It only has a $300 limit (which is great for me) and no annual fee. The APR is high though at 22.9% but I only charge up to $70.00 and no more. I thank them for the opportunity!
—Guest Tamara

First Premier Bank

I've been looking for a credit card since I was 16 and been turned down ever since as well. One day I received a offer for a secured card in the mail. A few weeks after applying I received my credit card with a $300 credit limit!
—Guest dboy

Finally my first credit card CAPITAL ONE

i applied for jc penney credit card declined, then for macy's credit card declined, then for bank of america credit card they wanted a 100 dollar deposit so i did not go with that one. so i went to the capital one credit card website and i got accepted right away no annual fees and low interest. but make sure to do some research because they have a lot of credit cards i went with the one for moderate credit and i do not have any credit it is my 1st credit card.
—Guest Catherine


When I was 17 I applied for a Chase credit card and was approved for a 500 dollar credit limit!
—Guest Angie

Capital One

First, I went to my bank. I had been banking there since I was 14 (I was 22 at the time I was applying) and figured that my bank would take me with no problem. I had a spotless record with them. Turns out, 7 years meant nothing and they didn't approve me. I tried Wal-Mart, but they said I needed to have a credit card BEFORE I could get a credit card with them. So, out of total desperation, I tried Capital One and within seconds, I was approved for a card with a 500 dollar limit. I'm so glad that they actually gave me the chance to establish credit, since no one else seemed willing to.
—Guest Mika

My First Card

My first CC was when I was 18 it was from NetFirst who went out if business a year later which was 2002. I had then for 4 mths. Then one day before my 19th. Birthday when I checked my mailbox I got approves for an American Express Platinum with a 10k credit like. Don't even know how that happened. To this day I still think there was a glitch in their system lol. Credit laws are harder and thougher now so be wise and handle your credit wisely!!!!
—Guest Jonathon I

wells fargo

I received this when I opened my student checking account before going to college (2 years ago). I had never had a credit card before It had an $800 credit limit, and now im up to a $1400 limit. im happy they gave me a chance to build and manage my credit at such a young age. I make my own payments and have never went over $300 in debt. im 20 now and can say this has helped me a lot. I even qualified for my own car loan because of this card without my parents having to cosign. :]
—Guest sonia

state farm

i got my first credit card through state farm bank i had a credit limit of $500
—Guest izzy


I applied for an Amazon Visa on a whim when I was browsing through books. I was approved and given a $300 limit.
—Guest Anna


I got my first credit card through HSBC with a credit limit of $1,000 and an interest rate of 15.9%. I was an authorized user on my parents account since i was 15 and had a great payment history so they accepted me for my own credit card 3 years later.
—Guest Derek

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