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Readers Respond: How to Get Your First Credit Card

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Getting your first credit card seems easy when you're filling out the application. But, in hindsight you may have some regrets. Where did you get your first credit card? Do you consider it a good credit card? Share Your Experience

capital one secured

Cap one has been my first credit card yes it was a secured but first statement and its raisen my score significantly it also doesn't report as a secured card but a true credit card.
—Guest gonis


am I the only person to be accepted by discover? I got approved for a Discover more card at age 18 with no credit for a $2500 cl. Im now 21 and still with them. theyre good; just wish theyd be approved everywhere like visa!
—Guest raul


I was having issues getting my first card due to lack or credit. I tried every tip that was given to me with no luck, and I refuse to get a secured card. Well then a lady at Jared convinced me to apply. I told her that I had applied at other jewelry stores and got denied. But she said that with Jared they don't use a major bank like other jewelry stores do so 9 times out of 10 people get approved even without credit. And sure enough she was right. I got approved with a low credit balance (obviously) and I have to put 20% down on my purchases, but it's a start!
—Guest Becc

Be Careful

So I make about 2000 a month and my credit limit is 300. I've used up the $300 and paid off the next day. I guess that's bad for credit history and had no idea. I thought the more you spent and paid it off was good. 6 months after doing this I received an offer to up my credit to 1000. I went to the bank and they denied it saying I'm using the card too much. I used to think it didn't matter as long as you paid it off immediately. And I've never been late either. The bank told me I must try and spend no more than 20 percent each month and just pay it. It is frustrating but do able. That whole time I thought my credit score was going up.
—Guest boo

Capital One

At 20 yrs old I applied everywhere for Credit, and no one gave me an opportunity. Then I stumbled upon Capital One. They approved me, but for the low limit of $300. I have since had an increase, and now own a FERRARI!
—Guest L Hijazii

Capital one!!!

I've tried to get approved for a credit card since I turned 18 so I can build my credit. Now five years later I have a 700 credit score and JUST NOW was approved by capital one with a 3k limit. It's about time lol.
—Guest Cody

My first credit limit.

My first credit was gained when I applied for a retail card with a $50 limit at a national clothing retailer. The first month I bought a pair of pants and paid them off with the bill at the end of the month. The next month I bought a shirt and did the same. I then asked for a raise in the limit and they gave me $500! After that I went to my bank and had no problem getting a credit card. I never used the retail card again since it was a higher interest rate. Be careful! Credit is borrowed money and it goes fast!
—Guest Matthew

capital one

My first cc was capital1, then First Premiere. Later closed out First Premiere, I thought it was too much credit responsibility. Later ran into some trouble, not using my cc responsibly. For years I was without credit until last year. I've decided to buy a house but first had clean up my nasty low credit so applied for credit w/ cap1 and got approved w/ 500 $ limit. Six months later after making steady payments I got $1,000 increase. Once I started building my credit I started to apply for more credit trying to build credit. Now I have my own new car with no co-signer and I also have 1200 cl with citi simplicity and best buy 1500cl, capital1 1500cl, and Discover 1200cl. The one credit card I will always be grateful with CAPITAL ONE for believing in me and giving me a second opportunity to rebuild my credit.

Wells Fargo

I GOT an 8000 credit limit on my first time to college
—Guest Dick Bleed

Two first CCs

At age 21, I received my first two cards a month apart. CapOne Platinum and Citibank Student Forward Visa. No credit history whatsoever. Capital One came with a 500 dollar limit, Citi Forward Student came with a $1,500 limit. Once again no credit history, just be prepared to have documents ready for the Citi application when you do apply. Proof of being a student + identity verification.
—Guest Warren

Bank Employee Credit Card.

I was a teller at a bank my freshman year of college, and my manager insisted that I needed one. It had $500.00 limit and less than 9% interest rate since I was an employee. It still has the discounted rate, even though I left the bank more than fourteen years ago, and the bank was purchased by another one.

First Credit Card @ 31!

LOL, I know. Most people here got theirs in their teens. I spent most of my adult life in a foreign country, and I moved back to the states last year. So I was basically starting over again. I got mine from Capital One just recently. After holding a job for almost a year, and keeping up with my cellphone payments for 7 months, I was approved for 500. It is frustrating not to have credit, people look at you like somethings wrong with you, especially for someone my age. I was really disappointed when I was declined by Chase and Barclays, I thought I would have to wait YEARS before I could get one. I know Capital One isn't the best, but we all have to start somewhere, right? Finally, I can start working on building my credit.

Capital One

Got my first card from capital one at 19. It gave me a couple problems at first because their staff is horrible at answering questions but it's not a bad card. If you have better choices, go with them but if not, this cc is okay.
—Guest Katie

Capital One

I just turned 18 (2 months ago) and I immediatly wanted to start building my credit. I have a pretty good income for my age and didnt pay ne bills. I have been banking with all my banks for at least 4 yrs or more and always kept $$ in my accounts. Well I applied for the student cards at my banks and got turned down. But I did get approved for a secured card from Wells and Bank of America. I declined because I was determined to get an unsecured card. So I did some googling and came accross this forum and alot of people were talking about Capital One. At first I wasnt going to apply bc I was previously told by parents that C1 wasnt good. I went ahead and applied for the capital one classic platinum (supposedly fair credit is needed but all I have on my CR is sprint). I got approved right away. Even though the credit line is only $300 im ok with that bc thats all I need. I'm jst happy someone gave me a chance. I hate the fact that they pretty much throw us into a world where ur credit is pretty much everything but no one wants to give u a chance because u have none.
—Guest Bre'Auna

Best Buy!

My first credit card was at Best Buy for their in store card issued by HSBC. It had $4,600 limit on it. I used a co-signer so definitely take advantage of one if you can.
—Guest Gilbert

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How to Get Your First Credit Card

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