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Wise credit card usage is about more than swiping your card for purchases. Move beyond the basics of credit cards to learn about using your credit card responsibly. From interest to rewards, all you need to know about using credit cards is here.
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6 Drawbacks of Retail Store Credit Cards
One of the most annoying things about shopping is the incessant offering of a store credit card in exchange for a 10% - 15% discount on that days purchases. It may be tempting but retail store credit cards arent as great as the store clerks make them seem. Sure, there may be some perks with a particular store, but in the grand scheme of your credit history, theyre not very benef

10 Scary Credit Moments
Some surprises are good - a surprise birthday party, a surprise proposal, a surprise gift. Other surprises are not so good - bank closures, gas price hikes. Beware, your credit score may have some scary surprises of its own.

4 Tricks Credit Cards Play So You Pay More
Anyone who's been using credit cards for a period of time has likely noticed the creditor doesn't have the customer's best interests in mind. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Credit card companies look for sneaky ways to charge you more money, while you're stuck wondering what happened.

7 Things That Make a Rewards Credit Card Unrewarding
Frankly, the purpose of having a rewards credit card is to get something out of using your card. However, when your rewards card is costing you more than it's benefitting you, what's the point in keeping it around. Here are some things that make a rewards credit card unrewarding.

Don't Let a Rewards Credit Card Lead You To Debt
It's nice getting free stuff just by using your credit card. If you're not careful a rewards credit card can lead you to debt. Find out how to avoid it.

Are You Addicted to Credit?
Find out how to stop or avoid excessive use of credit cards that could lead to debt.

5 Ways to Stop Emotional Credit Card Spending
Emotional credit card spending happens because youre seeking a thrill, not because youre buying something you actually need. Learn how to stop emotional credit card spending and save yourself some debt.

How do I remove an authorized user from a credit card?
If you decide you no longer want to keep an authorized user on your credit card, you can have them removed. Removing an authorized user from your credit card protects your credit.

How to remove myself as an authorized user on a credit card?
Being an authorized user on a credit card can backfire when the primary account holder isn't responsible with the credit card. You can remove yourself as an authorized user by taking certain steps.

Will removing yourself as an authorized user affect your credit score?
Most people become an authorized user on a credit card to help their credit scores. However, removing yourself as an authorized user could affect your credit, maybe in a good way or maybe in a bad way.

How to remove an authorized user account from your credit report?
If a negative authorized user account shows up on your credit report, you probably want to have the account removed. You have to take certain steps to remove an authorized user account from your credit report.

7 Steps to Keep Your Credit Card Free
Using a credit card can get expensive with fees and interest, but if you use a credit card free if you handle it the right way.

Smart Ways To Use Credit Cards
It's never too late to learn a good habit. Avoid credit card mistakes by learning the smart ways to use them.

6 Steps To Credit Card Serenity
Don't let credit cards stress you out. Follow these steps to rest easy at night.

5 Things You Can Say to Get a Lower Interest Rate on Your Credit Card
If you want a lower rate on your credit card, but can't figure out how to ask for it, here are five things you can ask to ask for a lower interest rate.

Sample Script to Ask for a Lower Interest Rate
If you're wondering what to say to get a lower interest rate on your credit card, here is a sample script you can use.

Credit Card Payment Protection
Credit card payment protection offers some relief from your minimum credit card payments if you become disabled or lose your job. Some credit card issuers offer a cash back bonus if you sign up for payment protection, but is the cost worth the bonus?

Why was my charge-off sent to the IRS?
A creditor may send your charge-off to the IRS if the debt is cancelled. You may have to pay taxes on a charge-off that's send to the IRS.

Medical Credit Cards
Confusing costs were a common complaints with medical credit cards, but the CFPB has created rules to end deceptive practices among medical credit cards.

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