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Everyday Credit Issues

After you've been using credit for some time, you’re sure to have questions that are more difficult to answer. Get answers to some of your toughest credit questions here.

How to Deal With a Minimum Payment Increase
Chase recently announced a 3% increase in their monthly minimum payment for certain credit cardholders. More credit card issuers could follow. Unfortunately, there's no option to reject the change, so unless you get rid of the balance, you're stuck with the higher payment. Here's what you can do if your card issuer increases your minimum payment.

5 Ways to Prepare for a Credit Check
The list of businesses that do a credit check is continually increasing. These days it seems like everyone is doing a credit check from banks to landlords to employers and even insurance companies. Before you put in an application, there are some key things you can do to prepare for a credit check.

Tips for Sending Credit Letters
Sending letters can be a powerful tool in dealing not only with with credit businesses, but businesses in general. Whenever you send a letter, make sure you follow these tips to get the best results.

Is Credit Card Interest Tax Deductible?
If you're looking for a way to decrease your tax liability, you might look toward credit card interest. Is it a legal deduction? Find out.

Sample Interest Rate Opt-Out Letter
Here's a letter you can use to opt-out of a higher credit card interest rate. Opting-out allows you to pay your balance at your current interest rate.

10 Credit Moves to Make in 2009
The credit crisis has completely changed the credit landscape. You'll have to handle credit much differently in 2009 than you did in 2008, starting with paying more attention to inserts in your credit card billing statement. Here's a list of 10 credit moves you must make in 2009. Your good credit depends on it.

Your Credit Crisis Survival Guide
As credit card issuers slash credit limits and hike interest rates, the credit crisis is on nearly every consumer's mind. Though creditors and lenders make it tough, it's possible to survive the credit crisis.

How to Survive Unemployment, Maintain Your Credit, and Manage Your Debt
Suffering a job loss is an unfortunate situation, but unemployment isn't the end of the world, or the end of your finances. Maintaining a good credit score and a reasonable level of debt is important while you look for a new job.

Pros and Cons of Joint Credit Cards
Before you sign up for a joint credit card account with a spouse, family member or friend, make sure you undertand the advantages and disadvantages of sharing an account.

How to Find an Apartment After Foreclosure
Unfortunately, many homeowners are having their homes foreclosed leaving them to rent. Even though some landlords turn down renters with past foreclosures, there are ways to get around it.

Why You Shouldn't Co-Sign For Someone Else
Before you sign your name or give away your social security number, make sure you understand why you shouldnt co-sign for others.

How Marriage Affects Your Credit
Married or thinking about getting married? You’re probably wondering if and how getting married will affect your credit score. Will your spouse’s credit will affect yours or vice versa? In marriage, much of your life is combined; does that include your credit?

Should You Pay Your Taxes With a Credit Card?
The IRS gives you the convenience of paying your income taxes with your credit card. Is the extra credit card debt worth it?

Five Credit Cards You Should Never Close
Provides consumers with information about closing only those credit cards that won't negatively impact their credit score

How To Close A Credit Card Without The Credit Card Number
How do you close a credit card when you don't have the credit card number? It's not a common problem to have, but there are a few ways you can access the credit card number to close the account.

How To Rent An Apartment With Bad Credit
Having bad credit can make life hard, especially when you have to make credit based applications like apartment rentals. Find out how to get around the credit check and rent an apartment even with bad credit.

What To Do When You Can't Make Your Minimum Credit Card Payment
There may come a month when you don't have enough money to make your credit card minimum payment. Find out what you can do to maintain your credit score, interest rate, and relationship with your creditor.

Surviving a Credit Crunch
Rising credit card defaults cause creditors to become more strict with credit card approvals. During these times, new credit can be hard to get. Find out how to fare during a credit crunch.

Making and Keeping Your Credit/Debt Goals
How often do you set a goal to repair your credit or pay off your debt, work towards it for a few months, then forget about it? It's easy to push goals to the side, especially when they seem unattainable. With the right approach, you can reach any goal, including your financial ones.

How To Avoid a Charge-Off
Avoiding a charge-off is completely within your control. Learn how you can avoid a charge-off even if you're already behind.

The Suze Orman Show on CNBC
The Suze Orman Show focuses on financial freedom for watchers. Watch each week as the financial guru gives financial - including credit and debt - advice.

Maxed Out on Style
Allison Griffiths helps couples recover from financial disasters including overspent budgets and overwhelming debt.

Maxed Out Movie Review - Review of Maxed Out Directed By James Scurloc
Maxed Out is a feature-length documentary that exposes the credit card industry and cautions consumers against excessive debt.

2007 Credit Year In Review
In case you missed it, here are some things that happened with credit in 2007.

Teaching Teens About Credit Cards
Educating your teen about credit is a crucial part of their credit card success. Find out what information your teen needs to know before he or she starts swiping.

What Marriage Will Do To Your Credit
Afraid that your soon-to-be spouse's bad credit will hurt your credit too? Well, it won't. More marriage myths are dispelled here.

Balancing Marriage And Credit
Don't let different spending habits cause you to split. Find out your spouse's philosophy on spending and make a plan that best fits your situation.

Should You Co-Sign a Credit Loan?
If you've been asked to co-sign for a friend or family member, you may be wondering if this is the right decision. Before you do it, make sure you understand the financial implications.

8 Tips for Making Credit Card Donations
Credit card donations have slightly different rules from other types of transactions. Follow these tips when you're making a credit card donation.

Is a Credit Card Donation Tax Deductible?
Some credit card donations may be tax-deductible. Here are the guidelines for claiming a credit card donation.

2009 Worst Credit Moves
The new credit card rules were a big win for consumers this year. But the rules don't go into effect until February 2010. In the meantime, credit card companies (and one credit bureau) made moves that made credit a lot more expensive for cardholders. Here are the worst credit moves of this year.

Can I Get a Credit Card on a Fixed Income?
Fixed income recipients often wonder if their fixed income will keep them from getting a credit card. Fortunately, there are certain laws in place that can help you get a credit card depending on the source of your income.

Share Your Credit & Debt New Year Resolutions
The New Year is a great time to make changes to your spending habits. Share your 2012 New Year Resolutions.

Co-Sign Horror Stories
The going advice is that you shouldn't co-sign.

How to Remove Your Name From a Cosigned Loan
Cosigners regret comes when you realize you should never have cosigned a loan in the first place. Find out what steps to take to remove your name from a cosigned loan.

Will Divorce Affect Your Credit Score?
Divorce will require you to split your finances, but will that split hurt your credit score?

Making Your Child an Authorized User on Your Credit Card
Making your child an authorized user on one of your credit cards can help boost their credit score. Consider these things before you call your card issuer to change your account.

Keep Your Ex From Ruining Your Credit
Breaking up does enough damage to your heart. Don't let it affect your credit, too. Keep your ex from running up big balances and ruining your hard-earned credit score.

Don't Let a Roommate Ruin Your Credt
Having a roommate can lighten your financial load, but when bills and rent go unpaid, your credit is at risk. Learn how to keep your housing arrangement from ruining your credit.

5 Don'ts of Credit and Dating
Dating someone, even seriously, doesn't mean you have to put your credit on the line for them. Here are five "don'ts" you should follow with credit and dating.

Why Using Your Credit Card for Emergencies is Risky
Many people think having an emergency credit card is a great idea, but it can be risky. Having an emergency fund is even better.

How Job Loss Can Affect Your Credit Score
Losing your job is a devastating event that will affect many parts of your life. The good news is that losing your job won't immediately hurt your credit score, but your credit score could suffer if you're out of a job for several weeks or months.

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