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If paying off debt was easy, there wouldn't be millions of bankruptcy filings every year. Here you'll find several resources that help you pay off your debt, from getting the basics in order to creating and executing a get-out-of-debt plan.
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10 Signs You Have Too Much Debt
You may feel like your finances are out of control, but can’t fully understand why. If you are constantly running out of money and having to borrow from someone else, you may have too much debt. Here are some signs that you have more debt than you can handl

How to Manage Your Debt
Whether you have a little bit of debt or a lot of it, knowing how to manage your debt is crucial to your financial health. Learn how to manage your debt.

10 Ways to Get Out of Debt
It’s amazing that it’s so easy (and often fun) to get into debt, but painfully difficult to get back out. Here are some strategies to get out of debt.

7 Reasons It's So Hard to Pay Off Debt
Paying off debt is not without challenges. If youve tried, or even thought about, getting out of debt, youve probably already realized how hard it is. Here are a few reasons that getting out of debt is so hard.

Five Week Debt Diet eCourse
This weekly debt diet ecourse delivers step-by-step get out of debt details right to your inbox. Preview the debt diet lessons here.

Get Out of Debt Success Stories
Paying off debt is not an easy task. Tell the world how you successfully paid off your debt.

How to Choose a Credit Consolidation Loan
Credit consolidation loans can be used to pay off your credit card debt. But, these loans vary in amount, repayment period, and interest rates. When you're ready to get a new credit consolidation loan, make sure you shop around for the best loan.

Declare Your Independence From Debt
Debt will continue to plauge your life until you do something about it. Here are the steps to take to get out of debt and stay out.

Recovering From Holiday Debt
Shocked by massive holiday debt? Start taking steps to pay off your holiday debt before the next holiday season comes.

What's the Best Part About Being Debt Free?
There are tons of benefits to paying off your debt - besides the fact that you're no longer paying money to creditors. See what readers love about being debt-free.

How Your Debt Affects Your Credit Score
Debt is more likely to hurt your credit score than to help it. Learn how your debt can affect your credit score.

U.S. National Debt Clock
The National Debt Clock was installed in 1989 to display the United States' total amount of debt and each family's share. The clock is the size of a billboard and is displayed near 44th Street in Manhatten, New York.

Tax Form 1099-C For Reporting Cancelled Debt
When a lender cancels your debt, you may have to report this as taxable income on your federal income taxes, unless there is an exception. If you're required to report the cancelled debt, the lender will send IRS Form 1099-C to you.

2012 Credit/Debt New Year's Resolutions
Most New Year's resolutions involve improving health or getting rid of a bad habit. Don't forget about improving your financial health and your bad credit habits in the new year.

Managing Your Debt on the Internet
Find out how to make managing your debt easier than ever by using the internet.

Debt Reduction for Students
Eliminate your debt faster by reducing the amount you owe. Find out how to do this on your own or with the help of a debt reduction service.

What is Debt Really Costing You?
How uncomfortable has debt made your life? You may not realize it, but debt costs much more than monthly interest and fees.

7 Steps to Getting Out of Debt
Believe it or not, getting out of debt requires a little more than sending payments to your creditors each month. Follow these steps to help you get out of debt for good.

12 Reasons Your Budget Isn't Working
Using a budget to manage your money is key to paying off your debt. But, budgets don't always seem to work. The numbers don't match up and somehow you always manage to spend more than you budgeted for. Here's a secret: many problems with budgeting aren't about the actual budget at all. Here are come of the common reasons budgets don't work and how you can get your budget on track.

What Order Should I Pay Off My Credit Cards?
Paying off your credit cards is easier when you only have one or two credit cards. Figuring out the order to pay your credit cards gets harder when you have several credit cards. The simplest method is to pay off highest interest rate credit cards first, but there are several other ways you can order your credit cards, too.

5 Ways to Lower Your Debt Payments
If your debt looks like a mountain and your budget feels like a shovel, you probably feel like it will take a miracle to get rid of your debt for good. The miracle you need might lie in one of these five ways to lower your debt payments. Start at the top of the list and work your way down. At least one of these, possibly two or three, will work in your favor and help you get those debt payment…

Debt Repayment Options Comparison
The effects of some debt repayment options are worst than others. The best way to choose a debt repayment option is compare them side-by-side.

How Your Interest Rate Affects Your Debt Payoff
Your interest rate is one of the things that can hurt your ability to pay off debt. Learn how your interest rate affects your debt payoff.

Tips for Dealing With Gambling Debt
People with gambling problems and gambling addiction often end up deep in debt. There are ways to deal with gambling debt and your gambling addiction.

Tactics to Deal With Medical Debt
You have several options to deal with medical debt that you can't afford to pay in full. Explore your options to avoid filing bankruptcy.

What to Do When You Have Too Many Bills
Having too many bills is stressful, moreso when you don't have enough money to pay them all. Fixing the situation requires some tough choices to eliminate some of the bills.

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