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Identity Guard Identity Theft Protection Review

Identity Theft Protection & Credit Monitoring Services

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Identity Guard is an identity theft protection service that offers more than credit monitoring services you may be used to. As such, it alerts you to changes in your identity profile that indicate possible identity theft or credit card fraud. Identity Guard offers a two-week trial and 30-day money back guarantee. You can cancel within two weeks without being charged or get a refund if you cancel within 30 days.

Pricing and Plans

There are four different levels of service each with different pricing and different features:

  • Basic Protection - $8.99/month or $89.95/year.
  • Watchful Eye - $12.99/month or $129.95/year.
  • Extra Caution - $16.99/month or $169.95/year.
  • Total Protection - $19.99/month or 195.95/year.

Note that prices are subject to change.

Three of the four plans have $1 million in identity theft protection insurance with no deductible; Watchful Eye which comes with $2,500 of insurance and a $250 deductible. Identity theft protection insurance can be used to cover the costs incurred from clearing ID theft including compensation for lost wages and travel and child care.

Because Identity Guard was created to catch ID theft, it watches more than just your credit reports. It also monitors the internet for use of your personal information.

Credit Monitoring

Basic Protection does not come with a credit score, nor does it monitor your credit report. Watchful Eye monitors your credit report and score at just one of the three credit bureaus. Extra Caution and Total Protection monitors all three credit reports and scores. You get a quarterly update to your credit report and score with the three more expensive pricing plans.

Similar Products

Lifelock’s Idenity Theft Protection service is comparable to Identity Guard’s service. However, Lifelock’s two identity monitoring plans, priced at $10 and $15, do not provide credit report or score updates. Lifelock does offer a credit monitoring plan that’s $14.95 per month. The credit monitoring plan doesn’t offer identity theft protection services and only gives you annual credit reports with daily monitoring and monthly credit score updates.

Lifelock’s product provides free fraud alerts – placed directly to your Equifax and TransUnion credit reports (indirectly to Experian reports). Identity Guard doesn’t offer the fraud alerts, but this is something you could do for free if you’d prefer to receive credit monitoring with your identity monitoring product.


The Extra Caution plan at $16.99 per month seems to be the best value, in terms of credit monitoring, with monitoring on all three credit reports and scores, and quarterly updates to all three reports and scores. Monthly updates to all three credit reports and credit scores would be perfect.
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Want your credit report? Don't try to get it here, Member markwayne1969

Their online system is not good. You are unable to print out the complete 3 bureau report (as a pdf, for example). In order to do that you'll have to pay another $14.95 in addition to the monthly $17.95 that you already pay. I just canceled my membership today; an idiotic business model.

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