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Walmart MoneyCard Review

A Low-Priced Prepaid Card from Walmart, With Gas Rewards

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Walmart offers one of the lowest priced prepaid cards on the market. Plus it offers cash-back rewards on gasoline through the end of the year.

Who the Walmart MoneyCard Is For

  • People who want a Visa card without a credit check.
  • People who want to avoid higher priced bank checking accounts.
  • People who want a cheaper alternative to a secured credit card.

Credit Rating Required

  • No credit check required

About the Walmart MoneyCard


  • Low fees.
  • No credit check required.
  • Free direct deposit.
  • Free reload with check cashing ($3.00 check cashing fee applies).
  • Online bill payment.
  • Rewards program.


Reload Limit

  • $1,500 for any single load, $3,000 daily maximum; $20 minimum load.
  • No limit on load from direct deposit.
  • No more than $3,000 on the card at one time.


  • One percent credit on gasoline purchases through the end of 2010.


  • Issuance fee: Free online, $3.00 in Walmart stores.
  • Monthly fee: $3.00
  • Reload fee at Walmart: $3.00
  • Reload fee at other retailers: Varies by store.
  • Reload fee from electronic bank transfer: Free.
  • ATM fee: $2.00 for cash transactions, $1.00 for balance inquiries, plus any fee the ATM charges.
  • Check cashing fee: $3.00.

Website: https://www.walmartmoneycard.com

Walmart MoneyCard Review

The Walmart MoneyCard offers one of the best values in the prepaid card arena. The card is free if you get it online, $3.00 if you get it at a Walmart store. Other prepaid cards charge as much as $10 to activate the card.

There's a $3.00 monthly fee, also one of the lowest around, $3.00 to reload your card at Walmart. Direct deposit of your paycheck is free, and there's no reload fee if you deposit your paycheck onto the card at a Walmart store. However, there is a $3.00 check-cashing fee. The $2.00 ATM fee is reasonable compared to other cards.

Walmart even offers a cash-back rewards program. Through December 31, you get one percent back on gasoline purchases paid for with the MoneyCard; the reward is credited to your account.


This is one of the best prepaid card values available. Plus, with the omnipresence of Walmart stores, it's also one of the most convenient, which will help you cut down on fees.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Best prepaid card I've ever used, Member alstromeria7

I would recommend this card. I first purchased the green dot card 8 years. When my son went to college out of town to save. We had two cards, but shared one balance. That card was just for that purpose so it worked out GREAT!!! The walmart card and the greendot are basically the same with slightly different fees and a different name on the card. Green dot fees changed, so I decided to go with the lower fee Walmart card as my ''play money'' card and have my necessity funds for bills and such on my debit card with my local bank. The mistake people are making with this card is treating it like a gift card. It is NOT a gift card nor a credit card. I have direct deposit and the limit is $10K on the deposits. However, the moneypak reload limit is $3000. Which is stated in the paperwork when you receive your card. I currently have more than $5K on mine and my deposits continue to come in bi-weekly. However if I want to RELOAD with a moneypak, I would have to go the ATM about 5 times to get it down under the $3K limit. The ATMs I use are free. I use the ones at USBank b/c I'm usually not around a Walmart when I need money. Just look on their website to check for free ATMs. I have been a happy customer for more than 8 years. I've used my card to rent cars, hotel stays and of course shopping :) I also have text alerts to give me my balance. You can also text a number to receive your balance. It beats paying $12 at the ''bank'' if you wish to have an additional card that doesn't require a certain amount of money to qualify for free checking. Just remember, do not give it as a GIFT card. If you want to give the visa GIFT card, buy one that has the money preloaded on the card. The amount is usually marked on the right upper corner. That is how you tell the difference.

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