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BB&T MoneyAccount Card Review

A prepaid card with lots of free services

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BB&T's prepaid card costs only $5 a month if you load at least $1,000 a month.

Who the BB&T MoneyAccount Is For

  • People who want a Visa card without a credit check.
  • People who can't qualify for a credit card.
  • People who want an alternative to a secured credit card.

Credit Rating Required

  • No credit check required

About the BB&T MoneyAccount Card


  • Big monthly discount if you load $1,000 to the card each month.
  • Free direct deposit.
  • Free unlimited online bill payment.
  • Free mobile banking.
  • Free unlimited ATM usage at the bank's machines.


  • High monthly fee if you don't load enough money to get the discount.
  • High customer service call fee.
  • Not available in states where BB&T doesn't have branches.

Reload Limit

  • Maximum balance at any time: $10,000.
  • Maximum daily load amount: $10,000.


  • Monthly fee: $10, $5 if $1,000 is loaded to the card each month.
  • No reload fee.
  • ATM fee: No withdrawal fees at BB&T machines, otherwise $2.50
  • Customer service call: $2.95.

BB&T MoneyAccount Card Review

Very few big banks offer prepaid cards, largely because many people who use these cards don't have bank accounts. BB&T is one of the few that does, and its prepaid card is a good one.

If you live in one of the states where BB&T does business, mainly the Southeast, the MoneyAccount Prepaid Card could be for you. The monthly fee is $10, certainly not the cheapest we've seen, but competitive with many other prepaid cards. Fortunately, you can cut that fee in half if you deposit at least $1,000 to the card each month. That's easily done if you direct-deposit all or part of your paycheck - at no fee.

The best part about this card is there are very few other fees to worry about. You have free, unlimited access to BB&T's ATM machines - $2.50 elsewhere - and free online bill payment. Many other prepaid cards charge $1 or $2 for each transactions. Mobile phone banking is also free.

You don't have to have a BB&T bank account to get this card, although it does make it easier to load funds to the card.


This card doesn't quite make our list of the best prepaid cards, but it comes close, especially if you can cut the monthly fee in half to $5. The lack of other fees is a real plus. If you live in the Southeast, where BB&T operates, you'll have access to lots of free ATM machines. That by itself will be a big savings.

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