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Debt Management Solutions

You have several options for debt management including using one of many types of debt relief companies or managing debt on your own. Get details on the many debt management options.

FTC Rules for Debt Relief Companies
The FTC has made a new rule for many for-profit debt relief companies including debt settlement, debt consolidation, and credit counseling agencies.

Debt Management Company Watch Outs
Choosing a debt management solution isn't a decision that can or should be made with ease. There are companies that promise they can relieve your debts if you send them money, but just how trustworthy are these companies? How do you know that the company you choose can follow through on its promise? When you are choosing a debt management company, there are several key things to watch out for

Get Consumer Credit Counseling
Before you choose whether to enroll in consumer credit counseling, there are some key criteria to consider. These credit will help you make your decision.

Learn About Consumer Credit Counseling
Consumer credit counseling is a viable option for managing your debt. Learn more about consumer credit counselong to determine if will work for you.

How to Find Legitimate Debt Counseling
Finding a company that offers debt counseling is no problem. The real problem is finding a legitimate debt counseling company who will actually work with you to take care of your debt.

Deciding To Seek Credit Counseling
Credit counseling is a viable option for managing your debt. If you are considering credit counseling as a solution, make sure you know the facts.

What is a Debt Management Plan?debt management plan (DMP) a debt mana…
A debt management plan or DMP is a formal plan to repay your creditors created by consumer credit counseling agency.

The Basics of Credit Card Debt Consolidation
Credit card debt consolidation means you use a separate loan to pay off all your credit cards. Then, you make a single payment toward your credit card debt consolidation loan instead of your separate creditors.

Debt Consolidation - Five Ways to Consolidate Debt
When your debt is spread out among several different credit cards, paying it off can be a long process. If you consolidate debt, you can combine your debt paying efforts and pay off your debt quicker.

Will Debt Consolidation End Your Debt Trouble?
If you’re like most people you want to ease the debt burden, but don’t want to ruin your credit with bankruptcy. Debt consolidation may have crossed your mind as a possible solution. Is it the right one for you?

Debt Consolidation - Debt Consolidation Loans
If you're struggling to make your credit card payments, a debt consolidation loan is an option. Learn more about debt consolidation loans and how they can help you.

What to Consider Before Using a Debt Consolidation Loan
If you've managed to accumulate a large amount of debt, you may have considered a debt consolidation loan to give you some relief. With a debt consolidation loan, you combine all your high interest rate debts into a single, lower interest rate loan.

Finding The Best Debt Consolidation Program
There are many debt consolidation programs out there, but which one is the best one for you? Read on to find out how to make a wise decision.

Lower Your Debt With Credit Card Debt Settlement
If your debt is too high to pay and you're already behind on your bills, credit card debt settlement can make your debt more affordable.

Debt Settlement
Debt settlement is a way to reduce your debts by paying only a percentage of what you owe. Debt settlement is a negotiation between you and your creditors.

Debt Settlement Alternatives
You may have considered hiring a debt settlement company to help you lower your debt. The offers sound enticing: "Lower your debt by 60%." There's a lot debt settlement companies don't tell you, like the how settling your debts will hurt your credit and make it harder for you to get credit cards and loan in the future. Debt settlement is far...

Should You File Bankruptcy?
Theres a stigma against bankruptcy and for good reason. It devastates your credit and cripples your borrowing abilty. Even though bankruptcy will fall off your credit report after 7- 10 years, most loan applications ask if youve ever filed. If you say no, when the truth is yes, youre guilty of fraud and can be prosecuted. Its always...

Are There Benefits of Debt Settlement?
Outside the debt settlement industry, you'll rarely hear any benefits of debt settlement. However, for certain debtors debt settlement is beneficial.

The Dangers of Debt Settlement
Even though debt settlement may promise to reduce your debt, they can't promise to keep your credit in tact at the same time. Find out how debt settlement works and why it may not be the best solution.

Can debt settlement companies charge upfront fees?
Debt settlement companies often charge an upfront fee for their services, but are these upfront fees legal?

The Basic Types of Bankruptcy
The two major types of bankruptcy for consumers are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 allows you to discharge debt after some assets have been liquidated. Chapter 13 allows you to discharge debt after completing a payment plan.

Get Debt Help Through Debtors Anonymous
Debtors Anonymous is a free debt help group for people who need help controlling their compulsive debting. Consider joining Debtors if you have trouble accumulating debt or you have lost control of your finances.

National Foundation for Credit Counseling

National Foundation for Credit Counseling

Are You a Candidate For Bankruptcy?
Although there are no clear cut rules to determine if you are a bankruptcy candidate, there are some traits that most filers share. Find out if you have any of those traits and what steps you should take toward or away from bankruptcy.

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