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Keep Track of Debt Collector Calls and Communication


When you're dealing with a debt collector, it’s a good idea to take notes to be sure that your rights are bring protected. For example, debt collectors can't threaten you or harass you. Your notes will be useful if you decide to take action against a collector who has violated your rights. That way, you have a record of what’s been said. If there’s ever a dispute or question of what was said in the call, your notes about what happened will be more reliable than what you remember happening.

Keep Track of Each Call

For debt collector calls, you need to write down basic information about the debt collector – who they are, their phone number, the amount of the debt, and the name of the original creditor. For each call, you should note the collection agent you spoke with and summarize what was said in the phone call, especially any promise to pay, payment arrangement, or threats or harassment from the collection agency. You can download print several copies of the Debt Collector Call Tracking Worksheet which has space for all the essential information you should record during a debt collector call.

Or, Track Communication By Collector

Another way to keep track of debt collector calls is to have a sheet that you record all communication with a single debt collector, like the Debt Collector Communication Log. Using the worksheet, you can write down everything that happens with a debt collector including phone calls and letters, even those you initiate. For example, when you send a debt validation letter, make a note on your communication log. Include the date you mailed the letter, the date the return receipt was signed, and the certified mailing number.

Organize and File Your Notes

Taking notes on debt collector communicates keeps you from having to remember what's happened with a particular collector. It's especially handy if you're dealing with several collectors or several debts. Combine all your notes and letters for a particular debt collector and store them in the same place.

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