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Annoyed by debt collectors? Even though you may owe money, you still have rights as a consumer. Exercise these rights and protect yourself by learning which debt collection practices are fair and which ones are not.
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To Pay or Not to Pay Book Review - Written By Stanley G. Hilton
To Pay or Not to Pay by California attorney Stanley G. Hilton helps debtors figure out how they can respond to creditor pressure to repay debts.

Sample Pay for Delete Letter
Use this sample pay for delete letter to negotiate removal of negative collection accounts and charge-offs from your credit report. Customize the letter to fit your situation.

Time-Barred Debts
Time-barred debts are those that are no longer collectible through the court because the statute of limitations on these debts has passed. Creditors and debt collectors can still try to collect time-barred debts.

How to Fight Phantom Debt
Debt collectors, hungry for money, sometimes make up debts and try to get you to pay them. You don't have to pay these phantom debts. Find out how to recognize a phantom debt scam and what to do about it.

Pay a Debt Collection
In 2007, the FTC received more than 70,000 complaints against debt collectors - the third parties who collect debts from banks and other businesses. It goes without saying that debt collectors don't always follow the rules. Here's some information that will help you deal, or not deal, with collection agencies.

A Background on Collection Accounts
At some point, you may have pulled your credit report and noticed an account labeled collection. If you're like many others who've never heard this term, you undoubtedly wondered what is a collection, how did it get on your credit report, and what does it mean.

Stop Debt Collector Calls
Calls from debt collectors are usually unwanted and can border harrassment. Federal laws give you rights that protect you from such calls.

When Can Debt Collectors Call
Debt collectors seem to call at the most inconvenient times, don't they? What times are debt collectors really allowed to call you?

15 FDCPA Violations
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, FDCPA, dictates how debt collectors can act when collecting a debt from you. Know what a debt collector can and can't do. If you need to reference the law, citations have been provided.

How to Attack Zombie Debt

If you’ve ever watched Night of the Living Dead or 28 Days Later, then you know about zombies. They’re impossible to kill and continue to haunt you despite your best efforts to stop them. Shooting them doesn’t work, tearing off their limbs doesn’t work, blowing them up doesn’t work. Zombie debt is sort of like that.

“Zombie debt” …

Make Collectors Prove You Owe
Debt validation is your right to have the debt collectors prove you owe what they say you owe. If the collector can't validate the debt, they can't collect from you.

Debt Validation FAQ
Don't believe you truly owe a debt? You have the right to force the debt collector to prove you owe the debt. Debt validation is your federal right granted under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

What's the Statute of Limitations On Debt
The statute of limitations on a debt keeps debt collectors from winning a lawsuit. The limit varies by state and depends on the account's last date of activity.

Tactics For Paying Off Debt Collections
Before you pay off a collection account, first negotiate with the debt collector to have your credit report updated to something that works in your favor. As you work with debt collectors to negotiate a payment, keep in mind what you and the collector want from the deal.

Should You Pay an Old Collection?
When a debt collector contacts you to pay an old collection, you might wonder if it's worth paying, especially if the debt is years or decades old.

Sample Cease and Desist Letter For Debt Collectors
When you want to stop calls from debt collectors it must be communicated to them in writing. Federal law requires that debt collectors stop attempting to contact you as requested by a cease and desist letter.

Sample Debt Validation Letter For Debt Collectors
Debt validation requests should be made in writing. Here is a sample debt validation letter you can send to collectors.

Summary of Debt Collection Complaints to FTC in 2007
The FTC report on debt collection complaints received in 2007.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Debt collectors aren't free to take whatever means necessary to collect a debt. In fact, they are governed by federal laws. Being aware of these laws helps protect you from the unscrupulous practices of certain debt collectors.

How Wage Garnishment is Used to Collect Your Debts
Wage garnishment is when your employer withholds part of your paycheck to satisfy a court order requiring you to repay a debt. The Consumer Credit Protection Act regulates wage garnishment and limits the amount you can be garnished.

When Debt Collectors Lie
Debt collectors aren't known for their honest attempts to collect a debt from you. Find out what to do when a debt collector lies to collect from you.

Five Reasons to Pay Your Debt Collections
Giving money to a collection agency can feel like handing your lunch money over to a schoolyard bully. But it s different when you legitimately owe what the collection agency is asking you to pay. Paying a debt collection is often painful because the product or service associated with the debt has long been consumed. If you re debating on...

Three Things to Do After You Pay a Debt Collection
Once you pay a debt collection take a few extra steps to make sure the collection account is completely satisfied.

What to Do When a Debt Collector Calls
Debt collector phone calls can catch you completely off guard. When you re unprepared for debt collector calls, you can end up making an agreement to pay a collection you can t afford. Or, you may end up in the middle of a heated argument with a collector who insists you pay a debt you don t think you owe. Here s what to do when a debt...

Making A Deal With Debt Collectors
Sometimes you just can't afford to pay what the debt collector is asking. Find out how to play hardball and negotiate a better deal with your debt collectors.

What to Do About Wrong Number Collection Calls
Debt collectors may not believe you when you tell them they're calling the wrong number. Here's how you can legally stop wrong number collection calls.

Collector Call Tracking Sheet
Debt collectors take notes on their phone calls with you. There's no reason you shouldn't do the same. Print several of these worksheets and use them to take notes about your phone calls with debt collectors. Thorough notes will come in handy if you ever have to sue a collection agency for violating your rights.

Debt Collector Communication Log
Use this worksheet to keep track of all your communication with a single debt collector. Keep notes about letters, phone calls, and payment arrangements all in one place. Keep a copy of the long with other letters and correspondence with collection agencies.

Keep Track of Debt Collector Calls and Communication
Debt collectors are known for their bad habits in collecting debts. Keep track of calls and communications just in case you ever have to face a collector in court.

Can Debt Collectors Contact Your Employer?
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is specific about whether debt collectors can contact your employers and what they're allowed to say.

When a Debt Collector Ignores Your Cease and Desist Letter
A cease and desist letter is one of the best ways to stop debt collector calls. Here's what to do when the collector ignores yours.

Consumer Rights With Debt Collectors
You might have to deal with a debt collector at some point even if you have no delinquent debts. Know your rights with debt collectors so you're prepared to protect them if necessary.

What Happens If You Don't Pay a Collection
Collectors hassling you for payment? There are consequences to ignoring their attempts to collect. Learn what happens if you don't pay a collection.

mini Miranda
The mini Miranda is a statement debt collectors are required to use when they contact you about a debt. Mini Miranda isn't the official name of this section of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

How Did a Debt Collector Get My Phone Number?
It's easier than you think for debt collectors to get your phone number, even if you're actively trying to dodge their phone calls. Here are a few ways debt collectors get your phone number.

Can Debt Collectors Send Text Messages?
Can debt collectors contact you via text message? The FDCPA doesn't directly address text messaging, but a recent case with the FTC may shed some light.

How to Find Out Who Sent You to Collections
Every account with a collection agency was sent by another business. Finding out who sent you to collections can be as simple as asking the collection agency for the name of the original creditor.

How to Handle Debt Collector Calls About a Paid Debt
Naturally, you think that paying a debt means you never have to hear about it again. If a debt collector starts calling about a debt you've already paid, here's what to do.

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