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Will an old address on my credit report hurt my credit score?


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  • Question: Will an old address on my credit report hurt my credit score?

    One of the things your credit report includes is a list of your current and previous addresses. Credit bureaus get updates about your address from creditors and other businesses that report to credit bureaus. Each time your address changes, creditors report the new address along with your other credit report information. Can these old addresses hurt your credit score?

    Answer: Fortunately, the addresses on your credit report won't affect your credit score Even old addresses and addresses where you never resided affect your credit score because they're not even included in the credit scoring calculation. Your credit score is based on your payment history, amount of debt, length of credit history, types of accounts, and recent applications for credit.

    Incorrect Addresses Could Indicate Theft

    If you spot the wrong address on your credit report, i.e. an address where you never lived, follow up on the address. It could be a sign of fraud or identity theft. You're entitled to an accurate credit report, so dispute the address with the credit bureau to have it removed. It's also a good idea to read through every entry on your credit report to be sure they're all accounts that you opened. Read through the list of inquiries on your credit report and contact the credit bureau if there are inquiries from companies you don't recognize. Note that odd addresses can end up on your credit report if you share an account with someone who's moved around.

    Could Moving Alot Get You Denied?

    Lenders could use the addresses on your credit report to make a lending decision about you. For example, a lender may check your credit report and interpret several different addresses as instability.


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