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Six Ways to Get Your Credit Report for Free

Six Free Credit Report Methods Revealed


Your credit report contains information that many businesses use to make a decision about you. This includes banks, insurance companies, landlords, mortgage lenders, and even employers. It's important that you know what's on your credit report. You can pay for your credit report through the credit bureaus, or, in certain situations, you can order your credit report for free.

1. AnnualCreditReport.com

The federal government passed a law that you can receive a credit report free once a year from each of the three credit bureaus. The only way you can receive this government-mandated credit report free is through www.annualcreditreport.com. Do not contact the credit bureaus directly for your annual credit report.

2. Get Denied for Credit

Federal law also says you can get a credit report for free if you have an application denied because of information in your credit report. You must request this credit report from the credit bureau within 60 days of learning you're denied to get it for free. Contact your lender to learn which credit bureau furnished the credit report.

3. Look for a Job

If you’re currently unemployed, you can get a credit report free within 60 days before you start looking for a job. Contact the credit bureaus and let them know you're gong to begin job hunting and you'd like to receive a credit report free under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

4. Receive Government Assistance

When you’re on welfare, you’re entitled to receive a free credit report. Simply request your report from the credit bureaus.

5. Report Instances of Identity Theft

Identity theft is an unfortunate crime, but fortunately, you don't have to pay to check your credit report for theft. You can receive your credit report free if you’ve been a victim of identity theft and have inaccurate information on your credit report.

6. Live in 1 of 8 States With Free Credit Report Law

Residents of 8 states - Colorado, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and Vermont - have a right to a free credit report each year. That's in addition to any other free credit report you're entitled to. Get this credit report free directly from the three credit bureaus.

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