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How to Cancel Your FreeCreditReport.com Account

Steps to Cancel Your Trial Subscription to FreeCreditReport.com


You can get a $1 credit report through FreeCreditReport.com (the credit report was actually free before 2010), but only if you sign up for a free trial to their Credit Monitoring service. The free trial lasts seven days and if you cancel within that period of time, your credit card won't be charged. However, if you want until the trial subscription has ended, your credit card will continue to be charged every month until you cancel FreeCreditReport.com.

Call to Cancel FreeCreditReport.com

You can cancel FreeCreditReport.com by calling 1-888-829-6560 or 1-877-481-6826. Once you place the call, let the customer service representative know you want to cancel your FreeCreditReport.com account. You'll be asked for your social security number to access your account. The customer service representative will ask why you want to cancel your account and you can give them the reason, e.g. you just wanted the free credit report. Next, the customer service representative will try to talk you into continuing your FreeCreditReport.com membership and may even offer you a discount on the monthly rate. Insist your account be cancelled and finally your request will be processed. Make sure you write down the date and time of the call for your records.

Once you cancel FreeCreditReport.com, you should receive an email confirming your account cancellation. Save this email or print and file it in case you need to reference it in the future. If you don't receive a confirmation email, call customer service again to confirm your account has been cancelled.

Will I Receive a Refund?

According to the FreeCreditReport.com Terms of Service as of March 2014, if you're a monthly subscriber and you cancel FreeCreditReport.com after your free trial has ended, you will not receive a refund for the $19.99 membership fee or the $1 credit report. Continue to watch your credit card billing statement to make sure you are not charged for the service the next month.

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