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Credit Reports & Scores

Want to know how creditors decide whether or not to approve your credit card application? Credit Report & Scoring explains your credit report and score, how they are maintained, and how you can obtain them both. Here, you’ll also learn how to fix errors in your credit report and improve your credit score.
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What is a Credit Report and Why is it Important?
Your credit report contains details about certain financial accounts. Many businesses pull your credit report to see whether to approve or deny various; applications.

How To Read And Understand Your Credit Report
Credit reports aren't very easy to understand. In this article, you'll find a detailed description of the information contained in your credit report.

10 Things That Appear on Your Credit Report
Some credit reports are thicker than some books. If youve never read a credit report before, it can be overwhelming. Knowing what types of things appear on your credit report can make it much easier to understan

6 People Who Check Your Credit Report
Your credit report contains information that many businesses use to make decisions about your payment habits. Here are some businesses that might check your credit report.

Understand Your Credit History
Your credit history plays a major role in getting new credit cards or loans at a good interest rate. Learn what makes up your credit history and how you can start building a good one.

How Can I Check My Credit
There are several different ways to check your credit - some free and some you must pay for.

The New FICO 08 Credit Scoring Formula
FICO (formerly known as Fair Isaac) updated its credit scoring model in January 2009 to better predict the likelihood that consumers will repay their credit bills. The new credit score called FICO 08 has been adopted by two of the three major credit bureaus.

How to Estimate Your FICO Score
Currently, there's nowhere to get a free FICO score, unless you sign up for some subscription service. Fortunately, there are ways you can estimate your FICO score for free if you know the information in your credit report.

How to Order Your Credit Score
Your credit score is a number that "grades" the information in your credit report. Banks use it to approve your application. You can order your credit score to find out how well your credit is doing.

Bad Credit, Bad Driver
Insurance companies use an insurance credit score to price your insurance premiums. Having a bad credit score will make your insurance rates rise.

The No-Credit Report and Score
It’s tough getting approved for loans and credit cards when you have little or no credit history. Payment Reporting Builds Credit, PRBC, maintains a history of your monthly bill payments and has partnered with Fair Isaac to deliver the FICO Expansion Score.

Your Credit Score, Your Money, and What's at Stake Book Review
Your Credit Score, Your Money, and What's at Stake by Liz Pulliam Weston goes into details about credit scores, how they're calculated, how they're used, and what's in the future for credit cards.

What is Credit Reporting?
Credit reporting is the process that credit reporting agencies, also called credit bureaus, use to inform banks and other businesses about your payment and spending habits via your credit report.

Help Your Spouse Improve Their Credit
Helping your spouse improve a bad credit score will benefit your entire family in the long run.

Can You Shake a Negative Credit History?
Several factors contribute to a negative credit history, like late payments and high balances for example. Learn what you can do about your negative credit.

FreeCreditReport.com Review
You've heard the late-night jingles about going to freecreditreport.com. Is it a scam or do you really receive a free credit report?

How Higher Gas Prices Lead to Lower Credit Scores
Many experts believe there's a link between rising gas prices and lower credit scores. Find out the impact gas price has on your credit.

15 Things That Hurt Your Credit Score
Your credit score is an important number. It's how creditor and lenders quickly decide if you are creditworthy. Find out which actions hurt your credit score so you can stay away from them.

What You Need To Know About Credit Inquiries
How credit report inquiries affect your credit score

New York Credit Reporting Time Limit
The New York credit reporting time limit varies from the Federal credit reporting time limit. If you live in New York, this credit reporting time limit applies.

New York Credit Reporting Time Limit
The New York credit reporting time limit varies from the Federal credit reporting time limit. If you live in New York, this credit reporting time limit applies.

How to Get a Free Credit Report When Denied Credit
You're entitled to a free credit report when denied credit. You must follow a certain process to get your free credit report when denied credit.

8 States With Free Credit Report Laws
Certain states have a free state credit report law. If you live in one of these 8 states, you can order a free state credit report in addition to your annual credit report. A few other states have laws that reduce the cost of your a credit report.

How to Read Your Credit Score
Many credit score ranges from 300 to 850, but what does your credit score mean? Learn how to read your credit score.

How to Calculate Credit Score
The companies who've come up with credit scores don't give many details about how to calculate a credit score. Learn why you can't calculate a credit score.

Free Credit Scores for Some With New Risk-Based Pricing Notices
As of January 1, 2011, many consumers may receive a free credit score when they make credit card or loan applications.

Dispute Credit Report Errors With Your Credit Card Issuer
There are two options for disputing credit report errors: with the credit bureau or with the credit card issuer or other business who listed the information on your credit report.

Steps to Remove Old Debts After the Credit Reporting Time Limit
Outdated information usually falls off your credit report automatically. If old, negative items still appear on your credit report, follow these steps to remove them.

How to Order a Free Credit Report With No Subscription
Most free credit report offers require a subscription. Here's how to order a free credit report with no subscription

Why Creditors and Lenders Check Credit Reports and Credit Scores
When you apply for a credit card or loan, the bank will check your credit report or credit score (sometimes both). Learn how your credit history is used in the application process.

Keep Your Credit From Slipping When You Move
Moving itself doesn't hurt your credit score, but some of the move-related activities put your credit score at risk. Learn to protect your credit score during a move.

How Having Multiple Credit Cards Can Affect Your Credit Score
Many Americans carry more than one credit card. If you're worried that having multiple credit cards can hurt your credit score, worry no more.

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