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Credit Report FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions about credit reports.

Why is the credit report balance wrong on my credit report?
You may check your credit report and notice the credit card balance that's listed isn't the balance you're most familiar with. There's a reason why that happens and it's not always an error.

How long will a debt collection remain on my credit report?
A debt collection will be included on your credit report for up to seven years. You may be able to remove an inaccurate collection account with a credit report dispute.

When Will the Credit Bureau Respond to a Credit Report Dispute
When you submit a credit report dispute, the credit bureau has a limited time to respond.

Where Should I Send Credit Report Disputes?
You should send your credit report disputes directly to the credit bureau who provided the report that contains the error. Each credit bureau has an address where you can send your disputes.

Which Credit Report Errors Can I Dispute?
You can dispute any incomplete or inaccurate information on your credit report.

What does "account closed at grantor's request" mean?
On your credit report, some accounts might read "account closed at grantor's" request or "closed by grantor." This means your credit card issuer, for some reason or another, had your account closed.

How can I contact the credit bureaus?
Contact information for the three major credit bureaus.

What does my credit report have to do with my credit score?
You have a credit report and your credit score, most of which lenders look at and use. What does one have to do with the other?

Does my spouse's information appear on my credit report?
When you're married, does your spouse's information appear on your credit report and vise versa? Find out.

Do I have to pay a charge-off
Are you still responsible for paying charged-off balances?

Who are the three major credit bureaus?
There are three insitutions - credit bureaus - that compile your credit report information.

How often should I check my credit report?
How many times a year should you be checking your credit report? At least once, possibly more.

How long does negative information stay on my credit report?
How long does negative information stay on my credit report? A minimum of seven years, with exceptions.

How can I fix mistakes on my credit report?
How can I remove inaccurate information from my credit report? Dispute it with the credit bureaus.

What information is included in my credit report?
Find out what is included in your credit report.

Are there really free credit reports?
Can you get a free credit report? Yes. Find out how.

What is a charge-off?
A charge-off is a debt that has been determined uncollectible by the original creditor.

Is my credit score hurt if I check my credit report?
Find out how your credit score is affected when you check your own credit report.

How long until an item shows up on my credit report?
Find out how long until an item shows up on your credit report

Can I remove debt collections from my credit report?
Can you remove debt collections from your credit report? Find out if you can remove collections from your credit report.

How do I remove a debt when the statute of limitations expires?
Understand the difference between statute of limitations and credit reporting time limits

How Long Will a Closed Account Stay on My Credit Report
Closing an account won't remove it from your credit report automatically. How long a closed account stays on your credit report depends on whether the account was closed in good standing.

What Negative Credit Report Entries Should I Avoid?
Negative credit report information will impact your credit score along with your ability get credit cards and loans. Make sure you know what entries are considered negative so you can stay away from them.

Why Is My Old Address On My Credit Report?
You may notice your credit report contains several addresses including addresses where you no longer live. There's a reason these old addresses appear on your credit report.

Why Are My Credit Reports Different?
If you compare your credit reports side-by-side, you may notice they're not the same. You have different credit reports because not all businesses report to all three credit bureaus.

When Does a Late Payment Go On My Credit Report?
A late payment goes on your credit report after 30 days.

How Long Can a Repossession Stay on My Credit Report?
A repossession can remain on your credit report for up to seven years. If there's a judgment associated with the repossession, that also remains on your credit report for seven years.

What does "Insufficient Number of Credit References Mean"?
If you received an adverse action notice that includes "Insufficient number of credit references" as a reason for being denied, that means you don't have enough credit accounts on your credit report.

How Can I Remove a Closed Account From My Credit Report?
You can remove a closed account from your credit report by disputing it if the account is actually open or if the account includes negative information that's passed the credit reporting time limit.

Where Can I Get a Free Credit Report Without a Credit Card?
The only place to get a free credit report without a credit card is through a process set up by the government.

Is a Paid Charge-Off Better for My Credit Report?
Once you pay a charge-off, your credit report is often updated to show a "paid charge-off" status.

How long do inquiries stay on my credit report?
Credit report inquiries appear on your credit report to show who's checked your credit. These inquiries can affect your credit score so it's good to know how long they stay on your credit report.

Should I dispute multiple accounts in one letter?
Disputing accounts in one dispute letter could lead to problems.

Will an Unpaid Bill Go on My Credit Report?
Whether an unpaid bill goes on your credit report depends on the type of bill. Some unpaid bills will automatically go on your credit report while others may never be listed on your report.

Will an unpaid medical bill go on my credit report?
Medical bills aren't normally listed on your credit report, but unpaid medical bills may be added on your credit report depending on the circumstances.

How long will an unpaid medical bill stay on my credit report?
An unpaid medical bill won't stay on your credit report forever.

How long will a paid account stay on my credit report?
How long a paid account stays on your credit report depends on the type of account, whether it's open or closed, and whether it's negative or positive.

How to Get a Free Yearly Credit Report
You can get a free yearly credit report based on Federal law. You may be able to get an additional free yearly credit report depending on which state you live in.

How do I get a free credit report when I've been turned down for credit?
You're entitled to a free credit report when you've been turned down for credit. You must follow certain steps to get this free credit report.

What Happens to a Debt After Seven Years?
There are two basic time limits for debts: one is seven years and the other varies by state and type of debt. Learn what happens to debts after seven years.

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