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The effects from damaged credit can be far reaching. When it comes to credit repair it's hard to know where to go or how to start. Here you’ll find the information you need to start mending the blemishes in your credit.
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What is Bad Credit?
Bad credit describes a past failure to keep up with your credit agreements and the inability to get approved for new credit.

How To Repair Your Credit
Bad credit isn't a permanent situation. Credit repair - even credit repair you do for yourself - can improve your credit score tremendously. Repairing your own credit isn't as hard as you'd think.

How to Improve Your Credit Score
It takes time and effort to improve your credit score, but it can be done. Get details on what affects your credit score and learn how to improve it.

10 More Ways to Improve Your Credit Score
Here are more ways you can improve your credit score.

10 Credit Repair Mistakes
If you’re thinking about repairing your credit, or even if you’re going through the process now, there are some things you shouldn’t do. Here are 10 credit repair mistakes you want to

9 Things That Boost Your Credit Score
If you don't like your current credit standing, check out this list of things that can boost your credit score.

5 Ways Bad Credit Can Be Good
There’s no doubt that bad credit is, well, bad. A bad credit score haunts you like something from a scary movie, affecting every facet of your life. Would you believe there’s a bright side to having bad credit? Here are five reasons your bad credit score could be a good th

How to Repair Credit After Bankrutpcy
It's a widespread myth that bankruptcy will ruin your credit forever. Take the right steps to repair your credit after bankruptcy and you can rebuild your credit score.

Apply for a Mortgage
The credit crisis has made it more difficult to get approved for a mortgage loan. Its more important than ever to prepare your credit for a mortgage application. Cleaning up your credit report and increasing your credit score will improve your chances of getting approved. If your credits already good, maintaining it will be key in locking in a...

Post-Foreclosure Credit Repair
For many homeowner’s foreclosure is a reality, but it’s not the end of the world, or the end of your credit. A foreclosure will remain on your credit report for seven years and will impact your credit the most in the first few years. As the foreclosure gets older and you add more positive history to your credit report, your credit will improve....

Using Credit Monitoring in Credit Repair
Using a credit monitoring services while you’re repairing your credit can help you track your progress. If you shop around for a good-value service, it’s one of the rare times that credit monitoring is actually worth the money.

Seven Techniques To Stop Using Your Credit Cards
You know your debt is rising, but you just can't seem to stop using your credit cards. It's quite easy to grow dependent on credit cards for impulse buys and even everyday expenses. But, if you're starting to drown in your debt, you have to stop using your credit cards before the debt completely takes you under.

Find Credit Cards Based On Your Credit Score
Score Match lists credit cards based on your credit score.

New Year Resolutions for Credit and Debt
Get tips on how to fix your credit and get out of debt in the new year. Find out how to meet your Credit and Debt New Year Resolutions

How Did You Get a Credit Card With Bad Credit - Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit
Did you get approved for a credit card with bad credit? Which credit card did you get approved for?

Book Review - The Credit Repair Answer Book
Book review of The Credit Repair Answer Book written by Gudrun Maria - a book about repairing your credit.

What is Legal Credit Repair
Many credit repair companies advertise their services as "legal credit repair." Why is there a distinction? What things should you look out for?

What to Fix On a Bad Credit Report
The specific steps to credit repair depends on what's on your credit report. Here are some of the most common credit blemishes and information on fixing them.

15 Reasons You Put Off Credit Repair
You know the effects of having bad credit. It keeps you from getting approved for credit cards and loans. You have to jump through hoops to rent an apartment. You have to pay hefty security deposits. You have trouble getting a job. Yet, after all these things, you still haven’t started repairing your credit. Why? Well, here are 15 reasons you’ve been putting off credit repair.

How to Avoid Credit Repair Scams
Credit repair organizations are governed by a law known as the Credit Repair Organizations Act. This federal law requires any credit repair service to fulfill certain obligations to you. You should avoid any credit repair service that doesnt follow these rules.

The Truth About Credit Repair Companies
You've seen the commercials and heard the radio advertisements for companies that promise to repair your credit. If it sounds to good to be true, it definitely is.

Spring Clean Your Credit
Spring is a time when many people clean their homes from the chandeliers to the hardwood floors and everything in between. It's also a good time to clean up your credit. If you've been neglecting your credit, use the nesting spirit of spring cleaning to remove those cobwebs from your credit.

Using Goodwill Letters in Credit Repair
You can use a goodwill letter in credit repair to request a creditor make a courtesy update to your credit report. Learn how to create your own goodwill letter.

Sample Goodwill Letter to Remove Negative Credit Report Information
Customize this sample goodwill letter to ask creditors to remove negative information to from your credit report.

Credit Cards for Rebuilding Bad Credit

What to Do About a Credit Repair Scam
Learn what you should do if you become a victim of a credit repair scam.

Strategies to Remove Negative Credit Report Entries Yourself
One of the biggest parts of credit repair is getting negative information removed from your credit report. Here are some techniques you can use to do it yourself.

How to Rebuild Your Credit After Divorce
Divorce can hurt you financially to the point that your credit score suffers. Here's how to rebuild your credit after divorce.

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