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Can I make a partial credit card payment?


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Question: Can I make a partial credit card payment?

Answer: It depends on what you mean by “partial payment.” If you’re wondering whether you must pay your entire credit card balance at once, then you're allowed to make a partial credit card payment. That is, unless you have a charge card, a type of credit card that requires you to repay your entire balance by the due date. Otherwise, you’re not expected to completely repay your credit card balance in a single month.

If, by “partial payment,” you’re wondering whether you can pay less than the minimum payment, then the answer is no, at least not without a penalty. Your credit card agreement requires you to make at least the minimum payment listed on your billing statement by the due date. If you send a partial credit card payment for the minimum amount due, then you face late payment penalties.

If you foresee problems making your credit card payment, call your customer service department immediately. You may be referred to a consumer credit counseling agency who can help lower your monthly payments by putting you on a debt management plan.


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