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Why You Want to be a Credit Card Deadbeat

By August 27, 2008

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When you hear the word "deadbeat", what kind of person do you think of? I think of someone who doesn't meet their obligations, probably lazy or just plain negligent.

Even though we mostly hear it used to reference parents who don't provide financial support for their kids, you can use the word "deadbeat" to describe many different types of people who just don't do what they're supposed to do - employees, renters, and even credit cardholders. Yes, you can be a credit card deadbeat.

Unlike other deadbeats, credit card deadbeats actually meet their financial obligations. That's right. A credit card deadbeat makes his (or her) payments on time. As a matter of fact, he pays his balance in full every month. So why's he called a deadbeat? Read With Credit Cards, Being a Deadbeat is a Good Thing to find out.

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